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We encourage you to take advantage of our complete offer of courses taught in Spanish and English. Here you have information that you might find helpful while you are enrolling and during your studies.

Practical information

The International Relations Office (ORI) provides advice and guidance on a range of student-related matters such as how to apply, entrance requirements, applications and deadlines. Take a look at their website!


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Adolfo Cosme Fernández Puente
139 (Floor +1)
BusinessElisa Baraibar
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Course Offer

Find out about the available undergraduate courses you can undertake at the Faculty of Economics and Business Studies of the University of Cantabria:

​Courses in Spanish
​Courses in English
Business Administration (2022-2023)
Economics (2022-2023)
Schedule (2023 - 2024)

Courses in English in a snapshot

Fall SemesterSpring Semester
G921 Consumer Behaviour (6 ECTS) 

​G1813 Business Management Techniques: Good Practices (6 ECTS)

G1814 Open Economy Macroeconomics (6 ECTS) 

G1815 International Business: An European Perspective (6 ECTS)  

G1817 Statistical Methods in Economics and Business (6 ECTS) 

G1818 International Business (6 ECTS)

G1638 Creation of Companies and Family Business (6 ECTS)

G1640 Creation of Companies and Family Business (6 ECTS)

Advanced Diploma in Economics

G1637 Econometrics II (6 ECTS)

G1887 International Economics (6 ECTS)

G1993 International Trade (6 ECTS)

G2006 Public Economics (6 ECTS)

Advanced Diploma in Economics

G965 International Business Economics (6 ECTS)

G1639 European Economic Policy (6 ECTS)

G1822 Economic Growth (6 ECTS)

G1823 Dynamic Macroeconomics (6 ECTS)

G1886 Economic and Financial System (6 ECTS)

G2009 Economic of Social Expenditure (6 ECTS)

Please consult the website for more detailed information on these courses:

​​Teaching guides (contents, assessment)
​Exam dates​
Labour Relations
Labour Relations

How can I know my group? / ¿Cómo sé cual es mi grupo?​

English version:

Groups in the Faculty are organized by course and family name

There are several situations: 
1) Courses with four groups (A, B, C or D).
2) Courses with two groups 
     - GADE: Morning (A - A and B would be together), Afternoon (C - C and D would be together)
     - GE: A, B
3) Courses with a single group (courses which are taught in English and in Spanish, some elective courses). 


1) Check the updated document with the distribution of groups by family name. GADE website - GE website

For example, if my family name is ALONSO and I am registered in GADE courses, I will be in group C in first-year courses (Desde AG hasta FE), group C in second-year courses (Desde RI hasta AL), group B in third-year courses (Desde VI hasta CASA) and group B in four-year courses (Desde SANE hasta CORN).

2) Check the level of your course (first-year, second-year, third-year, fourth-year). 

For example, I am registered in G886 Contabilidad financiera (second-year course), so I am in Group C.


3) For each course/level, you will be in a group or another

4) Check whether you have timetable conflicts. If so, you have to ask for a change group. Information here - Solicitud de cambio de grupo (GADE - GE)

Spanish version:

Los grupos en la Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales se organizan por curso y apellido. Hay varias situaciones.

1) Asignaturas con cuatro grupos (A, B, C o D).
2) Asignaturas con dos grupos
     - GADE: Grupo de mañana (A, que combinaría A + B), Grupo de tarde (C, que combinaría C + D)
     - GE: A, B
3) Asignaturas de grupo único (que se imparten en inglés o en español o algunas optativas). 


1) Comprueba el documento actualizado con la distribución de grupos por apellido. GADE website - GE website

Por ejemplo, si mi apellido es ALONSO y estoy matriculada/o en asignaturas de GADE, estaré en el grupo C en asignaturas de primero (Desde AG hasta FE), en el grupo C en asignaturas de segundo curso (Desde RI hasta AL), en el grupo B en asignaturas de tercer curso (Desde VI hasta CASA) y en el grupo B en asignaturas de cuarto curso (Desde SANE hasta CORN).

2) Comprueba el año en que se imparte la asignatura (primero, segundo, tercero o cuarto). 

Por ejemplo, estoy matriculada/o en Contabilidad financiera (que es una asignatura de segundo curso), por lo que estoy en el grupo C.


3) Para cada curso/asignatura, estarás en uno u otro grupo.

4) Comprueba si tienes conflicto de horarios. Si es así, tendrás que hacer la Solicitud de cambio de grupo (GADE GE)

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