Instituto de Biomedicina y Biotecnología de Cantabria

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The IBBTEC is a strategic Project for the development of biomedical science in Cantabria. It was created in April 2007 as a joint Center (University of Cantabria-CSIC-Government of Cantabria).

The main mission of this Institute is to carry out a high level research in the area, together with the potentiation of the productive areas related to health, by means of a relevant level of transference of technology. In addition to the excellence in terms of publications and basic research markers, the IBBTEC will create a Unit specifically devoted to Services: Biological Evaluation, Screening, Transference. All this together, it should result in a significant improvement of the level of biological research in Cantabria. The origin of IBBTEC is the existence of several very active groups working in biological and biomedical research at the Medical School, where the installations of the Instituted are provisionally located. A specific building with 6000 m2 was finished in summer 2013, with financial support for the basic scientific equipment by all the Institutions involved in the development of IBBTEC.

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