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Program in Education


Fall semester

  • G518 Fall - Acquisition of English as a Foreign Language (6 credits) +info
  • G1551 Fall - Development of Oral Comprehension and Expression in English through Stories, Songs and Games (6 credits) +info
  • G1469 Fall - Development of Speaking and Writing Skills in Contexts of Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) in Bilingual Contexts (6 credits) +info
  • G1675 Fall - Energy in the World Today (6 credits) +info
  • G519 Fall - Methodology and Resources for English Teaching (6 credits) +info
  • G520 Fall - Morphosyntax and Semantics of the English Language (6 credits) +info

Spring semester

  • G1746 Spring - Development and Teaching of Mathematical Reasoning (6 credits) +info
  • G564 Spring - English Language and its Didactics (6 credits) +info
  • G563 Spring - English Phonetics (6 credits) +info
  • G1896 Spring - Writing Didactics and Children's Literature Age 0-6 (6 credits) +info