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SILKROUTE Project (Erasmus Mundus)

General information​​

Project Website:


Acceptance Letter and visa

The UC will provide grantees with an original Invitation Letter. This document is required at the Spanish embassies/consulates in order to obtain the visa. Grantees must proceed with the visa application as soon as possible, since this step may require several weeks.

According to the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, citizens from Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan must apply for a Spanish visa via the Spanish Embassy in Astana. Citizens from Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan must apply for the Spanish visa via the Spanish General Consulate in Moscow.

More information for citizens from:

Visa expenses and travel costs associated to the visa issuance must be covered by grantees, but they can be reimbursed upon arrival at the UC, once plane tickets from Central Asia to Spain (and return) have been purchased by the UC. The expenses reimbursed will have to be within the project personal travel costs limits. The excess cost will be paid by the grantees. In order to apply for the reimbursement, grantees will be required to submit upon arrival all the original invoices/documents that prove the visa expenses and travel costs. These documents must be in English or Spanish.


UC Academic calendar

Stays for Bachelor students will be of 5 or 9 months according to the UC academic calendar. In the case of Master students, the duration will be of 10 months, according to the master characteristics. Doctorates will last up to 33 months. Staff stays will be of 1 month. 

More information: Academic Calendar 2015-2016

Registration calendar for subjects corresponding to the second semester (February 2016)

Flight tickets

The UC will issue each grantee his/her plane ticket(s) according to the project budget rules and constraints, flight availability and UC academic calendar. Once tickets are issued, changes in the flights will not be admitted, except for special circumstances duly justified in the framework of the project, so we highly recommend grantees to study carefully our flight proposals before confirming the issuance of the tickets. Grantees travelling with babies must be aware that they have to pay a supplement to the plane ticket personally.


Grantees are provided with an international insurance issued by the University of Padova through the company IPS. Grantees will receive by email from IPS information containing an overview of the application as well as the details of their 'personal IPS account' for logging in in IPS Website. From that Web, grantees will be able to download their insurance policy to be presented at the embassy/consulate for visa purposes. All grantees are required to submit also a copy of their personal policy at the International Relations Office of the University of Cantabria upon arrival.

If necessary, these are the contact phone numbers:

SOS international: 0031 20 651 5929
SOS International phone numbers for emergencies: 0031 20 651 5151
SOS International phone number for information: 0031 20 651 5600
Emergency center Allianz Global Assistance phone number: 0031 20 592 9778
Information phone number: 0031 70 302 8598

For any query concerning the usage of your medical insurance you should call first the contact phone numbers above. However, if you need to go to a health center in Cantabria, the staff will require your UC registration receipt and/or your UC acceptance letter together with the documents of your insurance (please bear in mind that you could be required to pay for the services and to ask for reimbursement to your insurance company afterwards). You should go to the closest center to your home in Santander:

Locator of Health Centers in Cantabria


The UC offers accommodation in shared apartments with other exchange students via the Emancipia service. Please contact them before arriving in Santander in order to book your apartment, otherwise accommodation is not guaranteed. Santander is a touristic city and if you don't book in advance, finding an apartment in September may be difficult. Since we offer apartments shared with other students, grantees coming with spouses and/or children must be aware that they may have to pay for a whole flat for their own. The closest area to the university is "Campus las Llamas".  

Frequently Asked Questions about accommodation with EMANCIPIA


Subsistence allowances

Grantees will be further informed upon arrival about the procedure to receive their allowance. Economic benefits of the project can be checked at this Website​. A first payment will be carried out upon arrival that will be deducted to the last payment. The rest of the allowances will be transferred on a monthly basis.

Legal registration in Spain

Grantees will be required to apply for a residence permit within a month after arriving in Spain in order to legalize their stay and to open a Spanish bank account. Grantees will be further informed upon arrival.


The application procedure will differ depending of the kind of grant awarded (bachelor, master, doctorate or staff). Please bear in mind that grant award does not involve automatic ​admission at the UC. It is compulsory to obtain admission by means of the following procedure:


Click here for more practical information

Academic information​

​Bachelor students application

Please send us the following compulsory documents:

  1. Application form​ (duly completed). You can identify your UC Academic Co-ordinator and area code in this table
  2. Two passport-type photos​.
  3. Learning Agreement duly signed and stamped by your home university prior to your arrival (there are two types of Learning Agreement, one for TG1 applicants and another one for TG2 & TG3 applicants). This document must contain the courses you will be taking at the UC, but it can be modified after your arrival in Santander. It must be signed and stamped by both your Home University Academic Co-ordinator ​and the person responsible for International Relations at your Home University. This document is vital for the admission at the UC. Be aware that most of the courses offered by the UC are taught in Spanish. However, the UC also offers a list of courses for undergraduate students taught in English (mostly during the second semester). It is highly recommended to have a B1 of Spanish to register and follow regular courses in Spanish and a B2 to register in courses taught in English:
      • Courses for undergraduate students taught in Spanish:

Students will have the chance to participate in the Orientation Programme and to take a Spanish Course as a Foreign Language (more information can be provided upon arrival).

  • IMPORTANT: Apart from the courses included in the Learning Agreement, students must ask for a registration receipt at the International Relations Office in order to check that the courses have been correctly registered. If they are not correctly registered, students have the possibility to modify their registration. In this case, a registrarion form must be submitted at the International Relations Office by the student after having been signed by his/her UC academic coordinator. After the "add and drop period" (when students can change their registered courses) registration can't be modified, so students must be aware of this.

Master students aplication

Most of the Masters offered by the UC are taught in Spanish (in those cases a medium knowledge of that language is compulsory for admission). There are several requiered steps for grantees in order to apply for a Master and some of these requierements depend on several departments and external organisms. As a general rule, applicants must pre-register first and, once pre-registration is granted, they must register.

Please check the UC academic offer published in the SILKROUTE project​ Website in order to apply for a eligible Master

Doctoral students application

knowledge of English is compulsory for admission, although knowledge of Spanish will be positively considered. There are several requiered steps for grantees in order to apply for a Doctorate and some of these requierements depend on several departments and external organisms, which means that the whole procedure may take some time, so once SILKROUTE grants are awarded, candidates will receive instrucctions from the UC in order to apply for the admission as soon as possible.

Please check the UC academic offer published in the SILKROUTE project​ Website in order to apply for a eligible Doctorate​


Staff application

After the SILKROUTE selection, the UC will contact ​directly candidates awarded with a grant by e-mail ​in order to confirm the admission and to send them their Acceptance Letter.

Please note: the UC will only be responsible for documentation and issues corresponding exclusively to the grantees nominated to participate in the project.