External Scientific Committee

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The External Scientific Committee is designed by the Governing Committee, with the Center Board's assistant, and is made up of highly recognized international scientists, experts in the research fields of the Institute. The Committee's functions include:

  • To advise, at the request of the IBBTEC's Director, previous knowledge of the Governing Committee, on the development of the research lines and projects.
  • To advise the Governing Committee, at its request, in any aspect of the Institute's research work.
  • Advising the Center Board on prior knowledge of the Governing Committee in the elaboration of the IBBTEC's Strategic Plan, as well as to proceed to its report, where appropriate, prior to the approval by this body.
  • To report, at the request of the Governing Committee, on requests from researchers looking to join the IBBTEC.
  • Evaluate, where appropriate, candidates to the Director's position.
  • Other functions that may be entrusted to.

Currently, the external Scientific Committee is composed by six members:

Paola Bovolenta Nicolao
Mariano Barbacid Montalban 

Josep Casadesus Pursals
Luis Ángel Fernández Herrero 

Rafael Giraldo Suárez
Ana Zubiaga Elordieta