Mission and Objectives

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Since its foundation, IBBTEC's MISSION is to boost new scientific knowledge generation in biomedicine and biotechnology, and to generate economic and social value due to knowledge transfer and dissemination.

'We research LIFE, we improve its QUALITY'

To reach its mission, IBBTEC have identified the next core OBJECTIVES

  • To develop competitive Science, where collaborations between research groups are favored and acquire visibility to compete with the best international research centers. 
  • Internationalization. Science has no frontiers, and we firmly believe in the need of transnational collaborations.
  • Talent attraction and retention. To be competitive, it is necessary to attract and retain high-level scientist, offering them the best environment conditions to develop high impact projects
  • Training. Today's students will be tomorrow's scientist. Therefore, we invest in our future with multidisciplinary training programs.
  • Technology transfer and entrepreneurship.  Our scientific activity must have a positive social and economic impact. Therefore, we encourage the technology transfer and entrepreneurship as tools to bring our scientific results to society.
  • Dissemination. Science is everyone's business, and we believe in the need to bring science and society closer together, by promoting the dissemination and participation of society in the scientific activity of IBBTEC