One of the most relevant assets of the Institute is the fact that part of its research staff is involved in teaching activities in the official educational programs (degree, master and doctorate) taught at the University of Cantabria. Research staff from the Spanish National Research Council also participates in postgraduate teaching, along with the staff from the University.

The official programs and other courses of the University of Cantabria in which IBBTEC researches are involved are: 

  •  UC's official graduate, Master and doctoral programs:
    • Degree of medicine.
    • Nursing degree.
    • Interuniversity Master's degree in Molecular Biology and Biomedicine. 
    • Interuniversity Master's degree in initiation to Mental Health Research.
    • PhD in Molecular Biology and Biomedicine.
    • PhD in Medicine and Health Sciences.
  • Other UC Courses:  
    • UC Summer Courses
    • Senior program.
    • Program for American students (REAL summer abroad).

The IBBTEC staff also participates in summer courses of other institutions, such as the integrative Biology course of The Menéndez Pelayo International University (UIMP).