Adrián Alonso Núñez

  • IBBTEC. c/ Albert Einstein, 22. 39011 Santander
  • 942 206 799 ext. 25918
  • Protein Design and Engineering
  • Structural Biology
  • Department of Microbiology & Genomics

2015 - 2019: Graduate in Biology, University of Vigo.

2018 - 2019: Collaboration scholarship in the Department of Ecology and Animal Biology of the University of Vigo, carried out at the Center for Scientific and Technological Support to Research (CACTI), under the direction of Cristina Sobrino García, with the project entitled "Effect of increased CO2 on the composition and structure of phytoplankton communities of the Iberian outcrop".

Stay at the Center of Marine Sciences of Umeå (University of Umeå, Sweden) with specialization in phytoplankton taxonomy. The work was developed for the COSMOS project, funded by the AQUACOSM Transnational Access program, whose IP was Marco Jabalera Cabreriza (UVigo, Vigo).

2019 - 2020: Master's degree in industrial and Environmental Biotechnology, by the Complutense University of Madrid, with specialization in the industrial branch.

2020 -: Predoctoral researcher in the Protein Engineering and Design Group at the Institute of Biomedicine and Biotechnology of Cantabria (IBBTEC). Under the direction of Gabriel Moncalián Montes (IP) in the project entitled "Deciphering the molecular mechanism of polyunsaturated fatty acid synthases". 

​Protein Design and Engineering

Research Lines

    • Structure, function and modification of polyunsaturated fatty acid synthases.
    • Optimization of the microbial production of added value fatty acids and triglycerides.
    • Optimization of proteins involved in bacterial conjugation for biotechnological applications. 

Services offered 

    • Design and optimization of proteins with biotechnological, biomedical or industrial interest. 
    • Structural analysis of proteins by X-ray crystallography and in silico molecular threading.


    • Plasmid Offensive: Protein engineering operations (BFU2014-55534-C2-2-P)
    • Probióticos guardianes para la lucha contra la resistencia a antibióticos mediante sistemas CRISPR conjugativos (BFU2014-62007-EXP)
    • Optimización de la purificación de la catalasa obtenida de hígado de vaca (TF16-XX-007 –Laboratorios Arroyo S.L.- SODERCAN/FEDER)
    • Desarrollo de tecnología amti para el cultivo de algas en plantas de acuicultura convencionales. La biotecnología como instrumento para una acuicultura rentable y circular (Investalga S.L.).

Gabriel Moncalián Montes (IP)

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