Ana Palanca Cuñado

  • IBBTEC. C/ Albert Einstein 22, PCTCAN, 39011 Santander
  • Bacterial Type IV Secretion Systems
  • Microbiology & Genomics
  • Department of Microbiology & Genomics

I have been a member of the Villar's lab since 2016, when I joined the University of Cantabria as an assistant professor on Cell Biology and Histology. Simultaneously, I have been a postdoctoral researcher at Davis' lab from 2014-2019, when I joined after completing my PhD in Cell Biology in Cantabria ( I specialise in imaging techniques, particularly electron X-ray and super-resolution microscopy which has open the doors for cryo-correlative imaging.


Our lab specialises on fibrosis, so my current research main interest is a very heterogeneous systemic connective tissue disease -systemic sclerosis- of unknown aetiology with a wide spectrum of manifestations including exacerbated diffuse fibrosis. Nowadays, the classification used is not sufficient to determine the therapeutic strategy that should be used in a specific patient, at a particular moment of its evolution; therefore, the state of the art is the absence of an effective early diagnosis or treatment along with the difficulties to classify effectively these patients. This project is funded by IDIVAL (Next-Val grant) and I am truly excited about the translation between my field -basic cell biology- with clinical -pathological- approach.

Other research interest in our lab includes several projects with the fibrosis as the target and my background, and postdoc experience are also useful and provides me the really fulfilling experience of mentoring and collaborating with other groups in a really open and nice scientific environment.


​Biology of Bacterial Type IV Secretion Systems

Host group: Dra. Ana Villar

Research lines 

    •  Use of bacterial secretion systems for the genomic modification of human cells
    •  Site-specific recombination and integration catalyzed by conjugative relaxases 
    •  Substrate Recruitment by Type IV Secretion systems 


    • MINECO BIO2017-87190-R, “Secreción de ADN de bacterias a células de mamífero. Análisis de su papel en virulencia y su potencial aplicación terapéutica”. IP: Matxalen Llosa
    • AECC IDEAS211LLOS, "Papel de la secreción de ADN bacteriano en el desarrollo tumoral". IP: Matxalen Llosa
    • SODERCAN/FEDER JU06. “Reclutamiento de Proteínas y ADN por sistemas de secreción Tipo IV A y B”. IP: Matxalen Llosa

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