Research Traineeships

Research Traineeships in Physics: the capstone of your Physics degree


Enjoy your study abroad experience in Spain, joining an international level research group in Physics. The duration of the stay can vary from two to four months and research work can be combined with regular and Spanish language courses.

Develop a project equivalent to a senior or junior thesis (depending on the academic background and length of stay)


Being enrolled in a undergraduate or master program in a partner University (Erasmus or bilateral agreement)

Having successfully passed at least two full years in Physics by the time of arrival.

Some of the projects may require having passed some given pre-requisite courses.


English or Spanish

Program choices:

  1. Intensive program: 2 months between May 1st and July 30th. Fully dedicated to a senior thesis-like project

  2. Combined program: Spring semester: part time dedicated to project work and part time to follow regular courses in English or Spanish.

  3. Semester program:  Spring semester (Feb-June) fully dedicated to project work.

Project Topics

Cosmology & Astrophysics

Particle & Astroparticle physics

Material Science: Computational and optical properties

Optics and photonics


Through your local study abroad coordinator