Pablo Guridi Fernández

  • IBBTEC. C/ Albert Einstein 22, PCTCAN, 39011 Santander (Spain)
  • (+34) 942 206799 ext. 25914
  • Bacterial Type IV Secretion Systems
  • Microbiology & Genomics
  • Department of Microbiology & Genomics

​Pablo obtained a Biotechnology degree at the University of Zaragoza (2014-2018). He studied the last year at the University of Gothenburg and performed the bachelor thesis at Marc Pilon´s lab. The following year he worked at Matxalen Llosa´s lab (IBBTEC). He obtained the master´s degree “Molecular Life Sciences” with specialization in Bionformatics (2019-2021) at the University of Lausanne and carried out the master thesis within Sara Mitri´s lab, where he studied directed evolution of microbial communities with computational models. He worked for a year at the microbiology department of the hospital “Hospital General Universitario de Valencia” and was involved in the whole genome sequencing of SARS-CoV-2 samples. In May 2023 he joined his prior research group at the IBBTEC (Matxalen llosa´s lab) to pursue a PhD degree.​

​​​Biology of Bacterial Type IV Secretion Systems

Host group: Dra. Ana Villar

Research lines 

    •  Use of bacterial secretion systems for the genomic modification of human cells
    •  Site-specific recombination and integration catalyzed by conjugative relaxases 
    •  Substrate Recruitment by Type IV Secretion systems 


    • MINECO BIO2017-87190-R, “Secreción de ADN de bacterias a células de mamífero. Análisis de su papel en virulencia y su potencial aplicación terapéutica”. IP: Matxalen Llosa
    • AECC IDEAS211LLOS, "Papel de la secreción de ADN bacteriano en el desarrollo tumoral". IP: Matxalen Llosa
    • SODERCAN/FEDER JU06. “Reclutamiento de Proteínas y ADN por sistemas de secreción Tipo IV A y B”. IP: Matxalen Llosa

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